Rectagular tanks

Our production includes rectangular tanks for storing petroleum products. Our IBC, Prisma, Bulkset tanks can store diesel, engine oils and spent oil. All tanks are pressure tested to ensure their 100% tightness. We are able to design a tanks at the custemer’s request (grade of steel, capacity, painting system).

Rectangular tanks are widely used in road constructions, automotive industry and agriculture. Tanks are mobile. Our tanks are suitable to moving thanks to lifting lugs and saddles (cranes, forklifts, davits). Our tanks have a locking flap and hydraulic cylinder (easy access to working chamber).


Dimensions set of rectagular IBC tanks

Capacity Dimensions  Weight  Manhole      Skin
[ l ]
 [kg]  [mm]  [mm]
600 1000x800x850 315 DN 300 3
750 1200x800x850 344 DN 300 3
1000 1500x850x850 357 DN 500×565 3
1200 1800x850x850 405 DN 500×565 3
1500 2250x850x850 481 DN 500×565 3
2400 2500x850x1200 610 DN 500×565 3
3000 2500x850x1500 700 DN 500×565 3