About us

ROBEX is a company with foreign capital with years of experience in the production of steel products. It was established in 1989. Since the beginning our business is related to the production of containers. The range of our products and services constantly increase. For several years we operate in a dynamic international trade. Our products reach customers in the European Union, North and South America. Our products are used in different areas of the economy including construction, transport, agriculture and petrochemical industry. Currently the company employs 155 people. High quality and on time performance is achieved by a professional engineering staff, highly qualified production department. Each year we conduct new investments and technological innovation in order to streamline and modernize the production process. Currently we offer:

Fuel Tanks

cylindricals, rectangulars


roller, technical, multi-purpose and up-to client demand

Steel structures

many types of steel constructions according to customers orders

Steel treatment

cutting, bending, rolling, grinding, welding, machining, wet painting

We have certificates of classification societies such as: KIWA – KOMO (the Dutch equivalent of the Polish Office of Technical Inspection), UDT – Office of Technical Inspection.

We offer full customer support from technical consultations to project preparation and shipment logistic. We invite you to check out our offer.

  • 1985

    Vervelde starts in The Netherlands

  • 1989

    ROBEX starts offices and production in Poland

  • 2011

    We get an Forbes magazine award.

  • 2020

    25 years of our mother-company.