Container tanks

We are the certified producer of container tanks. We have huge experience in the production of storage tanks for many years. We have produced hundreds of container tanks ( 10,000L, 20,000L, 30,000L and bigger). First of all, we have produced storage tanks to backup power systems. It has given us huge experience. We have learned to produce container tanks to the highest quality standards and precisely define the shipping plan. We have cooperated with inspection bodies i.a. KIWA B.V. , Lloyd’s Register, UDT during the production and legalization of storage tanks.

We are able to design a tank taking into account all your requirements. We would like to conduct an interview with you before starting the project . We would like to determine the best parameters to maintain the highest quality. Thanks to information such as:

1. Purpose of the tank.

2. Place of installation.

3.  Atmospheric conditions .

4. Load points, Load types, magnitude of loads.

We will be able to perform the FEM stress simulation. This will allow us to choose the appropriate building materials and calculate the size/ type of welding joints. We will also design inspection and test plan (ITP). This will guarantee trouble-free operation of the tank for decades. We will also be able to select appropriate anti-corrosion protection that will protect the structure against the negative influence of the environment.

Each country has different regulations and rules related to the legalization of container tanks. Your comfort is most important to us. We shall therefore do everything possible to arrange the formalities for You.

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